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People often ask, "So what exactly is coaching?" It's a great question and there are many answers on the internet, but here is my answer:


Coaching is intentional dialogue between people in an emotionally safe, trusting environment where growth is the goal.


Growth is achieved through a process of building heightened awareness around limiting or destructive thoughts & beliefs, challenging old habits and patterns, learning new skills, and tuning into new truths for optimal well-being. 


Coaching is growth- and change- oriented.


Clinical Mental Health 

When you feel stuck in emotional suffering and negative thinking patterns, and you are unable to shake it - no matter how much you will it to happen - it is likely there is a clinical mental health issue. 


When you repeatedly create chaos or harm for yourself or others, it is likely there is a clinical issue.   


When others tell you that you need a therapist, you probably do. 


When you drink or use something in excess to cope, you may have a clinical issue. 


I diagnose and treat clinical mental health issues to help people achieve peace.  


There are many situations in life and business where we are doing well, yet we sense that we are wearing blinders or there is an obstacle we cannot seem to move on our own. 

Sometimes we are missing skills or knowledge. Other times, we are not using what is already inside or in front of us. 

A consultant provides guidance, knowledge, skills, tools, frameworks, and resources to help an individual, team, business or organization accomplish it's goals efficiently. 

Think of a consultant as a discovery guide, unlocking the answers to questions that were holding you back. 


Image by Mikel Parera

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