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Yes, it's my name AND lucky for me, most days I feel pretty rosy. I know that's cheesy, but it really helps when you do what I do for a living! MOST IMPORTANTLY, I strive to help my clients feel more cheery, too! OK, yes, that isn't always possible and in some cases, like grief, just not a reasonable goal. Sometimes we're striving for "coping" or "meets expectations." But I truly believe that even on our dark frustrating days, talking to a trusted, non-judgmental, compassionate confidante can lighten the load. On any given day, you may want a coach to ask thought-provoking questions that move you to new levels in leadership. Or, you may want a counselor to help you set boundaries with a family member. Then again, maybe you want to rehearse a difficult conversation you're about to have with your team or simply let off steam! I get it. Not all topics fit into a neat label of "therapy," "coaching," or "consulting."


Sometimes we just want (wait for it) meaningful dialog with someone with a fresh perspective

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Who is Rosie, anyway?

Rosie’s a highly-rated and sought-after Professional Certified Coach (ICF) and licensed professional counselor with solid business experience. Clients love that she can relate to them personally and professionally dealing with topics ranging from repairing a rift with a colleague to reconciling with a resentful spouse. She’s accumulated over 15,000+ face-to-face client hours over the years, many of whom touch base routinely like they do with other members of their advisory team or closest confidantes.

Rosie joins with people to help them tame their frustrations and insecurities, increase work-life balance, communicate more effectively at work and at home, navigate conflict and difficult conversations, establish boundaries, make decisions more quickly, plan and delegate, and continue to develop their leadership skills. 

Rosie brings years of personal and professional experiences into her work with clients. Her formal education began with a bachelor’s degree in accounting followed by a Master of Arts in Business Management. In her early years, she worked in public accounting, large corporations, and small business. In the entrepreneurial spirit, she and her former business partner catapulted a small start-up from a “one man” operation into a successful, million dollar, “Big 50” award-winning remodeling firm. Rosie later transitioned into the behavioral health and human relations field earning a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling with pastoral emphasis from Loyola University, Maryland. She further studied the application of Christian principles to the helping professions. She served as the executive director of an international Christian non-profit and in a variety of behavioral health settings– from a public health clinic with mild-to-severe mental health disorders to private practice serving individuals, couples, and families.

More recently, Rosie joined the ranks of contractors serving Better Up – a global coaching organization serving some of the largest employers in the world – and has been providing professional coaching services to clients across the country, as well as in London, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and India.


In her executive coaching capacity Rosie has witnessed many successful professionals and executives languishing under layers of stress and demands including  corporate stakeholders, spouses, kids, and aging parents so she specializes in combing business acumen, clinical mental health expertise, and personal compassion for one-stop shopping in whole person wellness.


Rosie is particularly sought out for her expertise in boundaries, assertiveness, anxiety & stress, conflict management, emotional intelligence, narcissism, and creating psychological safety at home and at work. 

When not working she enjoys working out, reading, and eating the foods that require her to work out even more. Did someone mention ice cream or candy bars?  

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