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Why Taking Vacation Isn't Self-Care Unless We Prepare

I love taking vacations. Anywhere. Any season. 😎

But just as I prepare to take them, I also prepare to come back.

How about you? What do you do to ease the transition back to work?

Maybe you schedule an extra day or two for transitioning (checking emails, returning messages, doing a brain dump, organizing tasks and priorities, or personally, grocery shopping, washing laundry, prepping meals, and planning the week.)

How about scheduling 1:1 calls for the day you return with your boss or key staff members to catch up on what happened while you were out so you can adjust plans as needed?

😉 Key Thought: Returning to work is not a surprise, so why treat it as such?

By preparing for it, we maximize the pleasure of going away and truly experience the benefits of our hiatus.

So, enjoy your time away this summer! And enjoy your return, as well!

✔Post your ideas about easing the transition in the comments!


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