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"Rosie has allowed space for me to talk through things - sometimes it is helpful to just have the space to talk and have someone listen and catch trends that I don't even notice when I'm talking! Also walking me through scenarios and giving me resources that I can use right away to start seeing progress. I'm really enjoying our sessions and feel like I've made good progress so far. Rosie has already been able to help me talk through situations and give me ways to apply it. I've only had three sessions but am already feeling more confident from the coaching I've received."

Stressed, feeling alone or uncertain? 
Not sure what you need but you want someone to listen & provide valuable input? 

I understand. Whether you're the CEO of a Fortune 100, or leading your family, we can all benefit from outside perspective to handle the burdens we're carrying.

Sometimes psychotherapy is needed. Other times, coaching or an unbiased confidante is the answer. I am uniquely equipped to help.



Years of clinical experience with hurting individuals and feuding spouses enable me to rapidly cut through complex conundrums, helping you to be calm, clear-headed, and quick-witted in even the stickiest situations whether it is deciding how to handle a rogue colleague, unreasonable client, untamable teen, or raging spouse (but hopefully not on the same day!)


I've worked with many smart, competent people who just need some stress relief and reassurance at times!


Sure, you can talk to your colleagues, assistant, spouse, friends, or any number of people, but they may not have the same understanding of the human mind, the ability to discern what’s going on under the surface, the breadth of experience dealing with human and relational dysfunctions, or the tools and interventions that equip people to implement and sustain changes over time. And frankly, they may be tired and need TLC themselves. 


So, are you tired of feeling like you are burdening those you love? Don't want to disappoint others? Will you lash out on someone who doesn't deserve it? Will you be frustrated when your husband tells you what you "need to do" to fix your problem or your wife doles out more unwanted advice? Who will you tell when you are doing something in secret and feel conflicted? Will you just isolate and avoid emotions or will you grab the vodka or porn for a picker-upper?


There really is a better way.  Talk to Rosie. Process those thoughts and feelings, then go be your best self!

“Rosie has been imperative to my mental health. After going through a divorce and dealing with an ex-spouse who was demeaning and manipulative, Rosie helped me regain my confidence, and who I am as a person. I continue to work with her to work through life struggles, but I am now a stronger and more resilient person in my relationships, and all aspects of my life as a result of her help.”

Rosie’s a highly-rated and sought-after

Professional Certified Coach



Licensed Professional Counselor



Business Woman


Clients love that she can relate to them personally and professionally dealing with topics ranging from repairing a rift with a colleague to reconciling with a resentful spouse.


She has accumulated over 15,000+ face-to-face client hours over the years, many of whom touch base routinely like they do with other members of their advisory team or closest confidantes.

When mental health is stable, but life is complicated, coaching may help you to

  • manage life transitions (job, career, dating, divorce, infidelity, death, retirement or relocation)

  • improve relationships

  • increase self-confidence

  • develop a plan for growth and career advancement

  • lead a team, department or organization

  • communicate with poise and presence

  • handle conflict and critical conversations

  • motivate and inspire excellence in others

  • implement effective time management strategies

  • build leadership skills

“Great recommendations on how to reframe my mindset.”

When mental health symptoms are creating significant impairment in occupational, social, and/or mental functioning, psychotherapy (counseling) is in order. When insurance is involved, behavioral health services are viewed through the medical model of diagnosis and treatment for mental health "disorders." There are many mental health diagnoses and getting appropriate care from a licensed professional can change - even save - your life.


Therapy is appropriate when an individual is struggling with

  • Moderate-to-Severe Depression

  • High levels of anxiety or panic attacks

  • Trauma

  • Any diagnosable mental health disorder



"This has been the most valuable coaching I've received in my professional career. The coaching was very personalized. Rosie is a wonderful listener and did an excellent job helping me find answers. She boosted my confidence and helped me trust my own decision making, so I came away a different person. My colleagues even mentioned the change!"

"I was going through a difficult time when I found Rosie. She provided me with a place to talk and be heard without judgment, giving me guidance in both my personal and professional lives.  It's been a process, but with her help, I've stopped repeating the same mistakes."  

"Rosie has been the greatest gift I have ever received. She has shown kindness, compassion, empathy, and strength in the most difficult time of my life. As I continue to struggle each day, she never gives up on my healing and is consistently patient with my missteps. Rosie knows how to help me look at myself as a person worthy of better things and truly wants me to have the life I deserve. Her guidance has led me to make changes I could not have done on my own. If she were not my therapist, she would be my best friend.

"My experience with Rosie has helped me navigate the most difficult season of my life. Her style helps me to feel the freedom to be honest and human, while encouraging me to be better. I'm never judged but always challenged, which is a great feeling and leads me to grow..."



While your primary task is leading, inspiring and influencing people,

mine is providing insights into human thinking and behavior.


Where would you like to improve? Together, we can navigate...


  • Balancing competing demands of the home, family, and workplace

  • Managing difficult conversations, conflict, and feelings of failure or shame

  • Leading through influence even in areas where technical expertise is low

  • Developing competent, intrinsically motivated direct reports and teams

  • Inspiring excellence while balancing accountability with flexibility

  • Making decisions promptly and with conviction despite limited information

  • Engaging diverse audiences and stakeholders with presence and authenticity

  • Setting appropriate boundaries in all settings

  • Adapting proactively to rapidly shifting environments

  • Communicating at work and at home for fulfilling relationships

  • Partnering and parenting while career and travel consumes time 

  • Preparing and transitioning into retirement or semi-retirement


Whether you are a senior executive, director, manager, provider of professional services, business owner, or public figure, your overall wellness is crucial not only for your own success and your family’s, but for so many other lives and their families.


You need a “go to” confidante who will provide the occasional sanity check as well as focused, purposeful questions that help you access the strategies and solutions that will move you forward.


And despite your incredible strength, you deserve a confidante who speaks in a manner that feels psychologically safe (with frequent smiles and affirmation as well!) Having tough conversations with a bit of humor never hurts!


At times, you may want help discerning


  • Why do I feel so important at work and so irrelevant at home?

  • How can I be so smart as an executive yet so dumb in love or in relationships?

  • Is it me or is this stakeholder or board member unreasonably abrasive?

  • How do I engage with a client I’d rather just dismiss?

  • Is my boss just unaware and insensitive or are they psychologically abusive?

  • How do I compete for a promotion without killing my relationships with peers?

  • How do I get my underperforming colleague to up their game?

  • How do I motivate and get results from contractors over whom I have no direct authority?

  • As an introvert, where do I find the energy to wine-and-dine after a long day of meetings?

  • How do I gain visibility and a reputation as a high potential leader when I’m not out-going by nature?

  • How do I develop respect as a manager over staff who were recently my same-level peers?

  • How do I find motivation and enthusiasm when I can’t check anything off my to-do list?

  • Why am I rewarded with programs, opportunities, and positions like “champion,” but not tangible promotion?

  • What does it mean when my spouse says she “needs space?”

  • How do I get my kid to listen to me like the people in my organization?

  • What is my identity and purpose if I’m no longer working?

  • When is the right time to retire?


Here’s the bottom line. Maybe


…you don’t need a therapist because you aren’t battling a clinical mental health “disorder.”

…you don’t need an MBA grad to tell you the latest tips, tricks, tools, or frameworks to solve your business problems because you are already darn smart.

…you don’t want a coach from one of the big corporate coaching companies (a contractor most likely) who will be gone when the contract expires.

…you don’t want an app or coaching platform with constant prompts to rate how you feel and irrelevant articles to read.

…you don’t want an internal coach from your workplace because that’s a little too personal.   


But every professional can benefit from an objective, unrelated, trusted partner who will listen non-judgmentally, care, show compassion, ask targeted questions, and bring out the very best in them. And someone who understands the language and struggles of your business is uniquely positioned to help.


What are you waiting for?


One client realized that time may be running out for her so she started living purposefully. After launching a business that would create a legacy, she stated, "I achieved more through Rosie than I ever expected. I will forever be thankful that what I threw out as a toss-away comment, she recognized was truth. She supported me over the months as I pursued my dream."  


Life isn’t getting any easier. (Aging parents, teenage attitudes, lawsuits, lingering sales declines, declining sexual abilities, plummeting stocks, pillaged storefronts, natural disasters, unnatural illnesses, take overs, and a million totally unanticipated moments along the way.)


Lives are getting longer. You may have 30-40 years of life to live after your career ends. This gives new meaning to the “what’s next” question, doesn’t it? And may shed new light on what’s happening now!


The time to find your sounding board, support, sanity check, and safe confidante who will remain in your corner – for all of life’s twists and turns – is now.


Reach out to connect with Rosie.

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