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Celebration or Sad Occasion? How to Discuss Sensitive Topics.

One person’s celebration is another person’s sorrow, and vice versa.

Whether it’s in the political arena or when one person on the team is promoted above their peers. It may be the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp case or a low-performing coworker’s termination.

We have unique emotional responses. We have thoughts, beliefs, and opinions that drive them.

How do we express ourselves authentically in this conflicting paradigm? And do we have the right to express ourselves publicly?

Sure. In America, we do have this freedom, but rather than focus on our rights, or for that matter, who is right and who is wrong, let’s consider our audience or we may do more harm than good.

* Who is watching our emotional response?

* Who is listening?

* Are we in a room with like-minded people?

* Are we adults or are there children listening?

* How well do we know the person or people with whom we are sharing or who are in close proximity?

* Have we considered empathetically that others may be having different experiences?

Too often, people assume that everyone sees a situation through the same lens, or that they will effortlessly bring them over to their way of thinking and feeling. This is faulty and not respectful of the vast differences in the human experience.

So whatever the scenario is – where one is celebrating and another may feel sorrow – please take a moment to consider the place, timing, audience, and experience of the humans around you. There are places and times for asserting our rights and there are many more where seeking to understand – our own experience as well as others’ – is a healthy everyday approach


May all find peace today wherever life finds you.

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